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Orientation, Noontime Programming, Late-Nighters, Family Weekend, Spring Weekend…

For 25 years we have brought Caricatures LIVE! to more than 150 colleges and universities across the Northeast and Midwest. After all these years, it is still exciting. And even though there are new ideas, new concerns and new fads on campus, there are still the same human wish in everybody: the desire to be recognized and celebrated as the individuals we` are.

Caricatures LIVE! celebrates the college experience. Our program is so much more than a day of "drive-by drawing!" It is:
  • People meeting people - a chance to talk, listen and laugh together, allowing individuality to shine in drawings that capture students' personalities as well as their features.
  • Exploring and laughing about life's opportunities and challenges.
  • Celebrating diversity through caricature, the universal language that offers international students the chance to "join in on the laughter,” even if English is not their first language!
Great fun, all around!

"I see what you do on our campus as more than just fun. For four hours you listen. This is so important to people in...a new and unfamiliar setting. Your personality is such that you welcome and exhibit caring for each individual student.

"I have heard bits of conversation...that indicated a rapport that is surprising in such a short time...having you come on campus is one of the easiest events that I run." -Lucille Bowen, Student Activities Director, North Country Community College (NY)

"You're able to get to the essence of a person. By your exceptional interviewing skills, you get not only a physical likeness, you (get) who they really are." -Anne Townsend, Director of Student Activities St. Lawrence University (NY)